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 JOE DANIEL マルクダイバーズ/アンボン

Joe's underwater photography has developed through his love for the marine world which began from a very young age. In 2007 Joe volunteered on marine conservation project in the Seychelles. He then spent over 2 years in New Zealand and Australia, a year of this was working with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks on the Ningaloo Reef off Western Australia. Joe returned to the Seychelles for 3 months as a volunteer on the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS) Whale Shark Monitoring Project. After completing his Dive Instructor course in South Africa he then continued on in Seychelles as Dive Officer for Global Vision International, a marine conservation NGO.  
In 2013 Joe and his partner Emily moved to Ambon, Indonesia where they currently manage Maluku Divers, a photography focused dive resort
In the clear waters of Australia and Seychelles Joe found free diving as his preferred method, shooting many of his wide angle images with little other than a mask and fins.  Now his location in Ambon, Indonesia is bringing him to focus more on Macro photography, he is finding himself utilising his scuba diving skills in order to spend more time with each subject.  Joe continues to find inspiration in the ocean and hopes that his images can bring awareness to the fragility and diversity of the underwater environment.
Joe currently shoots with a Cannon 7D in Nauticam housing, earlier photos on this site were also taken with a Cannon 50D in Ikelite housing.